You're ready to learn all about heart failure; but you have some questions that you want answers to right now! How do you find them fast?

The Site

This site has 6 distinct main parts:

  1. The Manual
  2. Heart Failure FAQ
  3. Heart Info Pages
  4. Even More: Alternative/Supplements, Low-Sodium Cooking, Etc.
  5. Heart Transplant


The Manual is the first big step to finding your answers. Read it!

Heart Failure FAQ

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This section covers a huge number of important questions and answers that would not fit in The Manual. Read it!

Heart Info Pages

These pages are devoted to drugs, surgeries, and other treatments for heart failure. Each page has an introduction in plain English at the top to get you off to a good start. Read the introductions at the top of these pages!

Even More

Low sodium cooking tips with recipes and sodium counts; alternative therapies; herbal, mineral, vitamin, and nutrient information; heart failure tests info; links to other web sites about heart failure; a mailing list; heart info text files and more are all available through the Site Index.

Heart Transplant

I wrote this section because we CHFers are always hearing the same old line: "You need a heart transplant right away or you're gonna die!" I heard that 9 years ago and here I sit with the same old heart, thank you very much.

If You Just Can't Find It

Search here. Search the heart forum archives here. Once you get to the page the search engine sends you to, use the "Find" feature of your browser. In Internet Explorer, it is in the menu at the top under "Edit" then " Find (On This Page)."
     If you have honestly can't find what you need, contact me at I try to answer all messages within 48 hours.  Updated April 1, 2004

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